Sunday, November 06, 2005

i do detest the beginning of almost everything. on the first day of school, i would say a quick prayer that i could magically bypass the first two weeks. routine is of utmost importance, i am a scattered creature. thus the title of this blog. "besprent" according to my old mildewy dictionary and a slick online one, it means: besprinkled or scattered. all of the contextual examples refer to dew or rain. i thought it appropriate, and i learned a new adjective in the process.
dear theoretical reader, forgive me. before today i have read a total of one blog. by a good friend, the M.A.C.K.... and he only just began his. i decided long ago to keep myself relatively sheltered from the things i wanted to pursue as a means of retaining some sense of naivete- one of my favorite attributes in any person. a quiet ignorance can be so beautiful. conversely, i find cyncism ugly and assuming.
i still can't figure out why anyone really has a blog, but i figured that getting back into the practice of routine writing might hopefully keep my humble intellect from drying up and blowing away. since i have graduated, it feels like the words and thoughts grow fewer and far between. in short, this is a completely selfish endeavor, but one i can't wait to learn from.

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