Sunday, December 25, 2005

i have recently become very good at observing the sabbath. doing NOTHING for an entire day. today was the first christmas that ever passed the same way any other day does. i didn't mean to not really celebrate, it just happened. work schedule wouldn't allow the time needed to visit family, so we just decided to celebrate as our own family.
and in our usual sunday habit- we layed around- i watched Love, Actually, cooked a meal that we weren't hungry for, and barely ate, and talked to all the people we love in different states... or on the other end of the state. it was so nice.
i could have become really sad... but there is this huge relief in the relaxation i am forced into now that i am married. i was raised to always be doing something, but my husband is of a completely different school of life. the one that says that work is work and vacation is for doing a whole lot of nothing. i was really bad at it for years. moping around, whining about how bored and wasteful i was. but, now. i am an expert. i think that it was Velvet Elvis (Rob Bell) where he addressed observing the sabbath. he kind of viewed it as a chore to be forced to do nothing. to sit back and watch the world do its thing without you. a lesson in inconsequentiality.
it's definitely a good opportunity to realize that i am not at the center of anything.. it all just keeps going, even without me. and that's cool.
Bad Religion: Sorrow, Marin Gaye: Me and Mrs. Jones
"There is an expression in Japanese that says that someone who makes things of poor quality is in fact worse than a thief, because he doesn't make things that will last or provide true satisfaction. A thief at least redistributes the wealth of a society."
-from wabi sabi by andrew juniper

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