Wednesday, January 11, 2006

i wanted to add a picture to my profile, but i haven't figured out how the hello program works.. grrr.
also, i wanted to link my blog to a couple of others, but i haven't gotten around to asking permission-or figuring how how to do that, so...
bryan tarpley's blog made me smile and get so sad and squishy to have had such great pals, i have learned so much from bryan and eralda, and i know that the world will be brighter and sweeter because of them

the title alone is enough to win me over mr. lindsay-cameron was the first person i didn't know to comment on my blog.. and my heart raced at the thought that someone was reading not out of obligation. and he's quite intelligent, and british (somehow the two seem synonamous in my book, though). his blog is full of beautiful photographs and the kind of insight that gives me hope for our strange world.

mack is a genius he's so smart, i sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) have no idea what he's talking about. but if you like computers and economics and fantastic web design and philosophy and politics and superheroes... mack is your man!

aleck one more.... is just a young fella, starting to find his way in the world, but i know that once he starts talking, we're not going to be able to shut him up (the blog, that is)


Bryan Tarpley said...

if you leanred anything from the tarpleys it must have been a study in how not to act :) we love you guys and miss you tons.

Sunny said...

no way! you guys are so genuine, so generous, creative and totally loving. we're all trying to work it out, with such great fear and trembling sometimes.

Creators said...

I've just dropped by on one of my infrequent visits for some refreshment. I love the way you write and express yourself. Thanks for your comment, it is much appreciated. I haven't blogged in a while, I got sidetracked, with a close collegue, into a government research project on Child abuse and domestic violence, which was exquisitely painful to do, yet a first of its kind and a must to be engaged with. It's done now and I have my brain back, I think, hence the visit and a little refreshment. Thanks. Keith.