Sunday, March 01, 2009


My husband is a handsome fella. He really is. I suspect we might be one of those couples where people say "He is way too hot for her!" But, then, when both are really, really ridiculously good-looking, that's just annoying. And no one wants to be their friend. I digress.
I'm taking this craft class, as you know, and the project I am currently struggling with is this sweet little family portrait embroidery. I draw us-like people all the time. But take away my pencil and paper and give me a needle and thread... and I'm lost.
I'm relatively happy with the stitchy versions of E and myself, but "the likeness" of my husband just keeps getting farther from the truth!

(I was trying to remove "stubble-stitches" but felt likes to hang on for dear life to the the thread. Thus creating the face-eating-spider-spawn look)
If anyone has any handy tips on how to make a nice scruffiness... a very closely cropped beard kind of facial hair thing- in embroidery- please help. He's starting to get offended.
Also... does anyone else think he has feathers on his head?
Here's one for reference:


Maryl said...

I didn't know you had a blog. I have some catching up to do.

PS Embroidered Brady is kind of scary

Eralda LT said...

No advice on the embroidery, unfortunately. Thoroughly enjoyed this post though. good luck on your project.

Robin said...

I think the whole 3 of you are too flipping cute. Making the rest of us look bad at family functions... *thppt*

(You're the prime culprit, too, just so you know.)

Bryan Tarpley said...

i'm loving your new blog design, and the profusion of posts! (btw, you are that annoyingly good-looking couple, which is why we aren't friends with you.)

hugs (but secretly not hugs),

ps - my "word verification" thingy was "plubleg," which sounds like what you get when you try to stand up in a pub after having WAY too much to drink:

"hey man, why are you stumbling all over the place?"

"slorry man. gluess i got a lil' plublegged."

Sunny said...

Funny, Bryan- I always thought that was you guys!

Sunny said...

Oh, Robin- you're funny. Sweet. But funny.