Monday, March 09, 2009


We are making a museum!
My idea was that we would make a zoo-ish playmat- a cool backdrop for all of the vinyl/plastic animals that the kiddos are really into right now.
When I told them my idea- they wanted to make a museum instead of zoo or dinosaurland. Initially, we tried this on cardboard- but it just curled up and got ugly. So, I thought canvas might be a nicer, more durable and fold-up-able option. I think they really enjoyed painting on canvas, too. I still need to finish the edges, and want to make some trees and gather rocks and other relevant museum props (?)...


sarah said...

i am so impressed with the art projects you do with these kids! you are so brave & imaginative! you're practically an art fun!

Sunny said...

Thanks Sarah! It is fun, it's like getting to be a kid again, but being in charge- a pretty good gig :)