Monday, March 16, 2009

Slimecakes and Monkey Dance Party

Do you ever know something, but when that information would be most useful, it scampers under the oven or through the teeny gap below the molding? I'm sure that never happens to you.
It seems to be happening to me more and more.
I know that heating up stiff crumbly icing is not the best way to soften it up... maybe letting it come to room temperature and adding a little more milk would have been effective. What was not effective- microwaving the icing for 15 seconds. No... that made for a kind of green curdly slime. But the marvelous thing about children is that- they love butter+sugar- even when it has turned to lumpy green slime.
So our St. Patrick's Day cuppycakes took a sharp turn for Halloween. Oh well... they were enjoyed nonetheless!
And I totally didn't think it would fly, but I picked up a Monkey Doos DVD from the library- and they adored it! Edward was on board from the first monkey wiggle. Collin and Iliana gaped at Edward and me for a good quarter of the program, but they finally gave into the monkey groove and got down with their crazy selves. And then demanded I play it again! I'm so excited about this. I'm missing my workout being away from home most of the week , but haven't figured out a not-completely-humiliating-way to burn off cupcakes in front of the kiddos. But now, now- we have Monkey Dance Party- pass the Slimecakes!

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