Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweet Hot Sticky Dirty Mess

Sunshine! It was that magical day of the year where if you sit very still and quiet, you could see and hear the world coming to life. The kiddos kept commenting on the birds chirping. Every time we came in the house, we were immediately longing to get back out there.

The naked cupcakes needed some attention. Icing did not seem a worthy cause for the last stick of butter. So. I melted up some marshmallows- with just a teeny bit of butter, and dipped them in the melty-gooey-sticky mass. Then I crushed up some smarties for color, but if you ever try this, get the sprinkly stuff on there FAST. Once cooled, the marshmallow icing gets pretty unreceptive. A little wacky, but no complaints.

We started clearing out the garden- enjoyed getting some dirt on our hands, dragging the rake and hoe through the well-rested soil, sniffing the wild onions. I think we will plant some lettuce next week, and maybe some onions if I can find onion sets.


Maryl said...

I love reading your blog to see all the great stuff you do with my GKs. Thanks for all you do with them. You are not just a babysitter.

Sunny said...

Thank you Maryl- that means a lot!