Tuesday, March 24, 2009


They're here!
It's night, the window is open, and the birds are still chirping. There is a little vase of violets on the kitchen table. All is well with the world in this moment.
Edward and I planted arugula and mache in pots and picked our very first bouquet of violets for the year. Violets evoke so many fond memories. And look at them- they're so sweet and humble and generous. A little bit like having a dear friend visit for a time.
I love Spring! Can you tell?

Oh, and sorry about having the comments blocked for non-google-account-havers. I fixed it, so bring on the comments! please :)
And, and... for anyone reading that might wonder why I have a couple of extra children and a completely different house+yard on some days- I babysit my friends' dear children (who also happen to be my friends' grandchildren.) a few days a week.

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