Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Dying Easter eggs (felt like I was in over my head: 2+3+4 year olds + fragile little eggs- they did great, but I feel like I was wincing a lot)

Decorating Sugar Cookies
My mama made these for us to decorate, so sweet!

I made these little Easter baskets out of felt- from this tutorial. Unbelievably simple. I planned to put little chicks on there, but, alas, ran out of time. I think they were most pleased with the candy!
I didn't get a picture, but the garden is LOADED with sprouts. And speaking of sprouts- I just found this blog that maybe possibly has more photos of seedlings than I do. Nice!


Anonymous said...

goodness. these are crazy cute!!!! You cannot be human... so much wonderfulness cannot possibly emerge from one person.

Christopher said...
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Christopher said...

Please send Peeps to Germany.

Thank You,

sarah said...

sunny, where are you this week? no cheerful, beautiful blog posts this week to get me through my days?