Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Where My Tuesday Went?

The day just got away.
I made a "To-Do List" installation. OK, well... actually I just made a non-verbal to-do list? Since words seem to fail me these days. Because on the off chance I get a pen to paper, it's highly unlikely I will actually consult the list in the future. And you know- I've already knocked out one item completely, made progress on another and plan to watch Spirited Away tonight.
(Clockwose from top left: Shop for a netbook/laptop, watch Dan in Real Life and Spirited Away, start cooking for the weekend, make bean bags for the kiddos (check!), make Edward pants out of old t-shirts, make this really cute+simple wreath, carve more stamps, finish brad+beth's wedding present, embroider flour sack cloth towels, Maryl's poppies, little plaque paintings, more dog-butt hangers for Edward's room, happy basket for mom, Easter love+more pompom garlands)

And yet another picture of a child in the dirt- I just can't get enough! This is at my Dad+Grandma's yard. They just tilled the garden.

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