Saturday, May 02, 2009


We went on a worm hunt. In the rain. We needed some air, and a certain 4-then, but-5 now-year-old didn't believe me that worms crawl out onto the concrete/asphalt when it rains. We found 6 total. So there :)

Painted these little wood puzzles from Michael's.

There was also a DiscoFunk dance party, but the kiddos would only dance if I was dancing, sorry, no pictures.


Eralda LT said...

Worms! Jack loves worms too, because he says that "they don't have teeth and don't bite." So, apparently it's ok to hold them in your hand :).

Have you come across "The Diary of a Worm?" Great book. Your knowledge of worms vacationing on sidewalks during heavy rains reminded me of it.

Sunny said...

We read it that morning- that's what inspired the worm hunt. No one has touched one, yet- but they do get pretty excited to see them.