Monday, June 01, 2009

The Boy With the Orange Shorts

Sorry for the crafty lull. It's not that I haven't been trying to make things, just most have ended up in the trash. It wouldn't hurt my success rate if I tried following the directions- just a little.
And on the second try- I made a pair of (functional) pajama shorts out of an old t-shirt for Edward. The first attempt yielded a pair of low-rise bell bottoms that looked like something designed for a toddler-sized Britney Spears doll. I took pictures- but they were truly inappropriate. The instructions came from my favorite craft/mama book. Ever. There are lots of online tutorials for these should you want to make a pair, too :)
Note the grey "buckle"- how I covered the slit made to insert elastic. I'm certain there are more professional ways to do this, but decided the wrestler belt effect in kind of endearing.

hmmmm... think it's time for haircut. Or barrettes.

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Eralda LT said...

Love them! I love his hair too :)