Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kiddie Cocktail (Or, fantasy versus reality)

I thought they would be sooo impressed.
Impressed, they were not. Disgusted, uh huh.
I wanted to make pina coladas- for kids. Something icy and sweet and perfectly balanced, virgin-style. And that box of coconut cream pudding has been nagging for a purpose, tired of lamely cluttering the pantry- undesired. And inches away, that can of syrup-y sweet pineapple chunks. What could be better before a nice dip in the pool on a steamy day than a frosty (virgin) pina colada? Seemed obvious to me.
I whirred up half a can of pineapple chunks with 8 ounces of milk, 1 box of pudding mix and a cup of ice.
Pour. Sip. Gag?
Not quite. But nearly.
I even researched this first. I'm not the only person that thought that incorporating pudding mix into a smoothie was not a bad idea.
But the monkeys ate the garnish, got hiccups after one sip, and forlornly handed me their perspiring cups to be dumped down the drain.
Then took two hours to clean up before they could hop in the pool.
Not exactly as planned.
The day ended in nice long naps.
Not all was lost.


marissa said...

did you think it was as repulsive as the kiddos?

Sunny said...

I didn't think it was that bad- very sweet, but nice and cold. The milk+pineapple combination in the blender was a little weird, but, no... def. not repulsive.

Anonymous said...