Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Love in the City

The weekend, starting Friday at 3:45 AM, Union Terminal and extending until the Greyhound station at 8 PM Monday night, was nothing short of magic. Not since Berea days have I had such a captive and hungry audience to guide through this bittersweet city. We Skylined and hiked up to Mt. Adams for UDF (where I tried to break routine, but couldn't resist my usual vanilla soft serve), looked in vain for a decent view (with minimal trespassing), swung on Atman, the giant swing sculpture in front of the art museum, Ban-the-baker-man made us brioche (then made French Toast out of it later) and cream puffs and tutored me in bread making, hit the Springfield Township yard sale and College Hill Coffee and St. Theresa's Textile Trove, we Valley-Thrifted, Jungle-Jim's-d, bocce-ed, caught fireflies, ate copious amounts of granola, apple pie and strawberry cake and strawberry shortcake and chocolate pave (chilled ganache with whipped cream, sans the cake), checked out O'Bryonville (MiCA and indigenous) and even hit Trader Joe's (just to see if it was any different than West Coast stores- and other than inflated wine prices, consensus is no- all TJ's are the same)for cheese and wine before the Sunday dinner fondue extravaganza.
It's so quiet around here today. The living room is far too easy to navigate, there's no one to tempt me with bread and chocolate, no expeditions to pack up for. Just quiet.
And that's nice, too.
A napping boy, some dough on the rise, laundry in the dryer...
and a dear friend- home again.

(ps-French Toast photo courtesy of my ridiculously talented husband)


Eralda LT said...

Sounds so fun, so lovely, so delicious. Quiet times are wonderful too.

Sunny said...

It was fun! You guys should come back so we can do it again The'Ralda style!