Tuesday, July 28, 2009

etsyLove: I love teacher

This time of year, I get this yearning- for school. For new clothes and paper, for lists and schedules, sharp pencils. Everything begins filling up with purpose and intention and a giddy kind of hope.
Alas, my school days are over for the now. But a girl can still dream.

dress (dressing for an audience has to have its perks)
stamp (I would circle the letter grade)
notebooks (lots of lists and planning must be done on beautiful papers)
pencil sharpener (I love these. I only use mechanical pencils, and still when we buy a house, one of the moments I looks forward to is screwing a pencil sharpener into a wall)
globe (magic. they just are.)
polaroid (I like the idea of taking each students' picture to memorize their names. yes. there is digital, but these are way cooler. and writing off polaroid film would be a dream come true.)

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