Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sewing Cards

I have been talking about these for too long (to myself, really. I haven't been having actual conversations about these. That I can recall, at least.). I wanted very much to make my own designs. But it just wasn't happening. So I turned to the ever-dependable blog world to provide me with an adorable free template+tutorial. The one I used is here at this supersweet blog and there are lots of goodies in Holly's etsy shop here.
Collin,5, and Iliana,3, did great with this. Iliana was especially determined to get it just right- it was so fun to watch her concentrating so hard. Edward, 2, had a good time, but, maybe a little too young to grasp the concept of sewing lines around paper animals. Also, this is especially appealing because when they are tired/bored with them, I can toss/recycle them. No guilt.


The Little Brenner Family said...

I had these when I was little. I just finished making some for Edy Beans like ten minutes before seeing your post. I know she isn't old enough yet but much like making play dough with her it's just something fun to do.

Sunny said...

Great minds... :)