Thursday, August 13, 2009

Snatching Those Last Crumbs of Summer

I looooove, love how much these kiddos will eat their fruit and vegetables. When I gave the peaches a little squeeze, I was rewarded with just the right yield. You know, that 2 hour window when they are all sweet and juicy, and right before they get kind of slimy and stringy? Perfect. We commenced to gobbling nearly the whole lot of them.

Only four of the entire packet of Lilliput Zinnia seeds popped their heads up out of the dirt last month. So I've been shocked and amazed each week to find those scrawny little leaves have transformed into an explosion of starry eyed blooms. Yesterday, weeding, Iliana said, "I like growing flowers. I like having flowers in the house." Me too!

And Collin, preparing for his big kindergarten debut...

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