Sunday, August 16, 2009

We Missed the Boat

Literally. We were supposed to spend the day on the lake at Brookville. It was going to be awesome. I was secretly hoping for s'mores. And a little sunburn. But we missed the boat. It was my fault (though, I'd like to share the blame with Verizon).

We thought we might. So we came prepared. With sandwiches and Terra chips and not-very-good grocery store fruit. We picnicked. Brady and Edward stared at the family next to us. They actually ate their entire lunch in this manner.

Refusing to let the day be a wash- we stopped by a "flea market" on the main strip of Brookville, IN. This was really a barn with a parking lot right off Main Street. It was particularly peculiar because I am certain the woman lived there. There was kind of a barricade where I could see an oven and there was an easy chair next to a fireplace and a door that I am certain had a bathroom behind it. Not a public bathroom either. I took a couple of pictures inside, but I could tell she wasn't pleased. They're pretty blurry. It was very dark inside, lit only by a few shadeless lamps. And jam packed with junk. Junk even I had a hard time appreciating.
But then, outside, she had all of these flowers and plants and few produce items for sale. I did end up making a few purchases. White pottery. I'm unintentionally starting a collection.
It was the juxtaposition of the flowers and the dirty lot of junk, and she lived there. And her relentless stare. And the iced tea in the mason jar. I couldn't help for a moment, loving this strange meadow, the Midwest.

Craving a swim in the lake, we headed out to Hueston Woods for fried chicken and people watching and a dip in the murky waters.

PS, a little trivia- my parents lived in Brookville, IN when I was born. That town was my first home (only briefly) But it was interesting to return (only briefly), as a grown-up.

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