Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trash-y Toys

It started with ketchup.
Eggs are not eaten without major amounts of ketchup.
And Collin wore a bit of it today, on his shirt. It was the wrong color for Spirit Day anyway (the shirt, not the ketchup). So I took the shirt to the laundry room to treat the stain, and spied some boxes. Costco-style with the tops cut off. Good for little more than making castles out of (OK... I'm sure they could serve other purposes, but if they are truly missed I can swing by Costco and restock. I need milk+feta anyway.)
So I saw this a little while back and really wanted to try it. But the gathering of materials tends to take the wind out of my sails.
But today, it was meant to be.
It was all right there.
And so we did it.
Of course, I didn't actually follow the directions. But I think it's lovely. They do good work, those three.
Also, this is exciting because I keep amassing a collection of toilet paper tubes, throwing them away, amassing...repeat. And this actually used up my whole collection.
I had an already-primed-oatmeal-container (does anyone else out there primer their oatmeal containers-"just in case" or am I as completely alone in the world as I suspect?) that I thought would make a great tower. Which lead to the question,
"What is a tower for?"
"It's for the prisoners."
"Where do the prisoners come from?"
"Well... are you guys getting hungry?"
Why couldn't I have just said it was a chicken coop. Or not had a pre-primed oatmeal container in the first place???
Turns out they were hungry, and they didn't really care about the prisoners. Whew...


Anonymous said...

will you be my mommy? :)

lacey said...

i also have the toilet paper roll's time for a purge right now. I think we'll turn our upside down box with a door into a more elaborate castle!

Sunny said...

Sharon- you make me laugh!

Lacey- look at these!