Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Wee Wednesday and More Produce Arranging


Wee Wednesdays
at the Cincinnati Art Museum might have been a little ambitious with a certain Mr. And I think Edward and Iliana may have enjoyed the drive through the city more than the actual destination, but we did come away with a bit of inspiration.


This event was basically story time at the art museum. But following one of the stories, the wee ones got a chance to set up a still life with fake fruit.


Iliana was really fascinated with the concept and asked to try it out once we got home. So we did... and we have the pictures to prove it.


sleep deprived mommy said...

Yeah....I was a little disappointed by the event. I thought there would be more hands on stuff ... or something. Not just story time.

Maryl said...

I want a FB "like" button cuz I am too lazy to type all this out to tell you I like what you are doing with the kids.