Tuesday, December 01, 2009

An Advent Calendar

When I was just a wee lass, we had the very coolest advent calendar with a Christmas tree and little pockets filled with felt ornaments. The idea was to slowly, over the course of 24 day, decorate the tree. I loved it.
I decided that he also needs an advent calendar. I had hoped that the tree one was still around, but I think it was probably a remnant of my mother's childhood and didn't make it to see a third generation. In typical Sunny fashion, I decide, on Saturday that I must make an advent calendar for Edward. And so, last night (November 30th, of course) I stayed up making 24 little paper cones, covered an old cork board and made this... inspired by this one and this one.
No, that's not a gnome. According to Edward he's one of Santa's guys. So. I guess that makes him an elf in our house.
But next year, I'm totally making this.

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