Thursday, December 03, 2009

Little Journals


I wish I thought to do it more often, but one of the most entertaining activities for me to do with the kiddos is drawing+journaling. For these little journals (cut/tear uniform lengths of paper, fold, staple, cover binding with colored masking tape), I gave them prompts, and they, of course had many charming and interesting answers.

Among my favorites, Collin's "I am most grateful for: God"

and Iliana's "The thing I most want for Christmas is: a toy of the inside of a cow." I was also pretty impressed with Edward's "My favorite food is: pickles and carrots." (And all this time I thought it was pizza, grilled cheese and chocolate)

Picture prompts for little ones:
A picture of
your family
your house
your favorite animal
your favorite food
favorite thing to do in the fall/winter/summer/spring
your best friend
I am most grateful for:

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