Thursday, February 11, 2010

gasp, hold.... keep praying


I would be more chatty, but it's hard to talk when it feels like I'm holding my breath most of the time. But, right this very moment, Brady is at an interview. And, well... we really (really, really, really...)hope that it's the answer we've been praying for, it is pretty big league. Like, he applied for a completely different position, but they decided to interview him for this one instead. We're kind of scared they didn't do their resume math quite right, because, well... it's a really big deal. But so is Brady. And so, I am just here, trying to eat an entire box of crispy rice and admiring all of these pictures of Brady in a suit. Cute, huh?

Update: Sounds like they were looking for someone who has been around a little longer. Not surprising. Ah well...

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Gremlina said...

oh! How did it go? i like 'em cleaned up every once in a while...& when will our world's collide? i think the space-time continuum might be screwed.