Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Day of Preschool!

We would be big, fat liars to say that we are not missing our Ohio folk. But, we are finding our way down here. And it's good. Edward started preschool yesterday, we spent forever at the bank talking about grown-up things, and we went to a small group at our new church- and unlike so many other attempts to connect in this way- it felt like home.

We are still completely baffled by how this is all going to come together. But we know we're not alone. And that the One who made us has us beneath His wing. And so we will remain humbled and grateful and excited for things to come. And also, we are scared to death.

We asked Edward how his first day of school went, he (very excitedly) reported that a boy was put on time out. And also that a boy in a helmet hit him- Brady just caught himself from asking if he hit him back in time for Edward to reply (as if he had ready Brady's mind) that he did, in fact, hit him back. Well... maybe it would be wrong to be a little proud that he stuck up for himself, but.
(Ohmygosh that face!!! I'm sure it's a biological defense thing for a parent to love their kids face so much, but my goodness... we made a cute little dude)


Gremlina said...

those cute faces sure have a way of sneaking up on a parent. glad you're getting settled--can't wait to hear more details (on 10+ years).

sleep deprived mommy said...

Oh my goodness! He looks like such a big boy!!!! What a cutie pie.

I'm glad you are settling in. I'm still looking for that "home" feeling... so glad you have found it. It sounds like this was absolutely the right decision.

I was hoping we could get over that way to visit sooner rather then later...but things are just not working out that way. :-(

Miss you friend.

sleep deprived mommy said...

Maren says "he's funny".

Sharon in Winston said...

I cannot believe that little guy is in "school'. I cannot believe he is THREE!!! How on earth can that be possible!?

Three.... So much fun, three... :)