Friday, April 16, 2010

Does that tree look like a face to you?

I will not lie. This is not where we expected to be, here and now. But who does? Life would be so creepy,boring and pointless if it all just went as planned. There is no formula. There are no guarantees... other than that pesky mortality rate. So, that's a struggle I'm still struggling with.
I can honestly say, that never, ever have I felt more loved, more provided for, and with more to look forward to.
We are on the verge of a big decision. One we would prefer to put off until we felt more "grown up". But we've given our word, and so... we will be be praying extra hard for the next two days. The time is now, and we must give our word.
And... I can't even see a picture of a baby without getting all squashy and want-y. Yet another thing I never thought would happen. I expected logic to prevail. But in this realm, logic tucked its tail and hid under the bed long ago. I am looking at 4 months of insurance, anyone know a way to healthily gestate a baby in that amount of time? According to my research, I would need to become a hyena, a chinchilla or a tiger. hmmm....
We have been blessed with my job going full-time for the time being. Profuse apologies for my absence. When not working, I am trying to soak up all of the Brady and Edward that I can.
I hope that all who read this are doing well, and enjoying all the shameless beauty of Spring (allergies be damned!).
We really are bursting at the seams. And I pray for the same for you and yours.

PS- I can't find the best part of this quote, but this is still good: "A comfortable grape, a well watered, well fertilized grape grows into an easy ingredient of a lousy wine." - Jim Barrett, Bottle Shock. Highly recommend the movie if you want to feel good about people and their crazy dreams and learn a little bit about wine.


Maryl said...

Love the picture and love you guys. I'm praying for you. Is your tree like the Jesus grilled cheese sandwich? Maybe it's his way of reminding you he is watching over you ;) I got this recently from a Beth Moore study: "He (Christ) can heal anyone or perform any wonder, whether the person's belief is great or small. Christ isn't asking us to believe in our ability to exercise unwavering faith. He is asking us to believe that He is able."

Nickolini said...

We miss you guys and will pray for you. I'm happy to know you are feeling loved. The kids have been asking if they will ever see Edward again...we will have to make that happen.

Gremlina said...

& I was going to ask about babies the other night... ;) (I know a relatively inexpensive way to healthily make that happen, if you're up for it).

Bryan Tarpley said...

we too have had a quiet conversation, in the borderlands between lying in bed and falling asleep. i think we decided that, maybe sometime soon, we would continue to think about it ;)

blessings on you and your decision making!

Sunny said...

thanks you guys...
thank you Lacy for all of the helpful info, my mind is made up!
Maryl and Nick- we miss you!!! and especially those kiddos. I couldn't bear to let E call Collin on his birthday, because I knew it would make him cry and then I would cry, and... but, please come visit!
And also, Nick, I like your new avatar.
Bryan- you totally should. I heard that it's the cool thing to do.