Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Husband is Torchering Me and My Kid is Brilliant

See... here's proof:

At least once a week, B has been making these huge milk and honey and butter loaves of bread. And if the smell of bread baking isn't bad enough, he makes french toast or grilled cheese at least once a day. I tried to sneak the recipe, but no such luck.


Long story for another day, but E has lost television and toy privileges. So there is A LOT of reading and crafting going on... which for the most part, he doesn't seem to miss TV and toys as much as we thought. We actually haven't given them back because he doesn't seem to care. Anyway. Coloring popsicle sticks was the big excitement on Saturday, but while I wandered off, E created this house, which I (perhaps being the teeniest bit biased) think is pretty fantastic.

And reporting on life in general- it very much feels like we are holding our breath. Like it has been a year of holding our breath. And then I will hear a song like this and find myself sobbing my face off on my home from work. And I know that nothing could be more true. Even when I have no idea what that means really, there is no better news than this.


Gremlina said...

that bread looks MEAN!

Maryl said...

beautiful words and music. we sing this in church (it doesn't work so well with 2000+ people trying to keep with that downbeat. at least we sound good on the chorus) He does love you and only wants the very best for you. did you read The Shack yet? Kind of cheesy, but the idea of the depth of God's love for us touched me.

Maryl said...

PS Brady is evil

sleep deprived mommy said...

That house is awesome. That bread looks amazing! Wonder if you could ask him in his sleep for the recipe???? Maybe??? :-) I'd love to have it.

Hang in there friend. Miss you.

Sunny said...

Renee- he made the deadly mistake of mentioning Cooks Illustrated- I think this what he uses:

Maryl- I did read he Shack- your copy :) I liked it a lot, too... it did seem a little over simple at times, but helped me to realize the joy we're meant to experience. It really changed my perspective. Definitely worth reading!