Friday, January 21, 2011

Saving is Worth More than Earning

I am learning. Because earning has a lot of costs- clothing, transportation, childcare, showering more than you want to, etc...
Saving costs time, and a bit of toner and paper, and a couple of copies of the Sunday Journal at the Dollar Store, but in the end, I am learning that conserving is better than burning through to try to make more (money).
Since taking the Dave Ramsey class a year and a half ago, there has been a big shift in how we view money. It's not power and it's not freedom, it is a tool and a resource, and it is not ours.
So should you have an interest in where I am going to find out about awesome deals, here's a list:

Southern Savers
WS Couponer
Coupon Teacher

This journey into saving-ness has not been without pitfalls- too much convenience food because it is free, not being vigilant about the fine print, not knowing what the "stock up" price is for items and buying at the wrong time, thinking awesome happens all the time, and missing out. But I like learning new things and this one, I am pretty sure, has actually paid off instead of piled up in the corner of room mocking my gross optimism like so many sewing and art supplies.


Gremlina said...

friends of ours took his class & we've gleaned a ton--it should be a part of everyone's education!

Sunny said...

it really was great- it will be our wedding present to my brother and his soon-to-be-wife.
and you totally get the prize for bets blog commenter! thank you :)