Wednesday, February 09, 2011

On the Nightstand

I just finished Crazy Love. It's been on the list for over a year. Glad I finally made the time. It's good. It's quick. And it's a lot of what we know, but can never hear enough, and rarely, if ever, grasp.

Only on chapter three, and not as easy to get into as Crazy Love. But there's real meat here. So many assumptions of church-culture long struggled with- the language, the standardized processes, the measure of success- he challenges. He lays it down in a way that is not for the faint of heart. But even when it's hard to hear, it's so good and so right for it to be said. The cynic in me makes me think that the only people that will read this already agree with his thesis, and that would be unfortunate. But still.Glad he took the time to say it. Hope that it has opened a dialogue in the church.

The overwhelming messages I am facing in this season is that being in a sincere relationship with Christ requires a response. It is not enough to believe in a philosophical sense, and leave it at that. And God hates leftovers. HATES them. Don't sacrifice your one eared goat. He wants the first steaming hot helping.

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Lacey said...

you have me intrigued on that second one. & yes--no one eared goats ;) like that...