Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Having big fun in Louisville

Sneaking in, for a quick chat.
I don't know what happened really, blog-wise. It's been slow going, I've been so quiet on the inside and my daily activities are a mad flurry of bathing suits, water bottles, portable food... loading and unloading the car, driving to and from the Y or King's Island or Jungle Jim's (for more portable food). I've generally been saving all my written words for letters to Brady while he is at Basic Training in South Carolina.
A very long time ago (2006?)I started this blog with the intent of posting the something I planned to create every day.
It never quite served that purpose, but it has been a good place for me to go for accountability and inspiration. I love having a record of what I have made, where we have gone, just revisiting times in our life.
But everything is in transition right now. Our family for starters, but I feel like more. The blog world... the makers and the mamas. So much has been done and shared already. I hate to turn to such a boring word... but I am strangely, sadly, a little bored. Wondering what could possibly be left?
I might feel differently if I had a new home or a new little person to create for. As it stands, I just don't know what to make, cook or even buy that I haven't already made, cooked or bought already. It seems that I can't fool myself into believing that I have anything even remotely interesting to contribute anymore... I'm not going to hit on that magical thing that no one has thought of yet. And that, too, is OK. I actually have some goals and aspirations that are a lot more solid and attainable. Not this nebula of creative wonderfulness that even if I were to touch it, it would immediately slip away.
There's a word for this, right? In a rut (OK, that's a few words)? And overindulged by all of the creativity and beauty on display so free and convenient.
I don't know... what's next? I don't want to stop making. I don't want to just dive into an off the rack kind of world.
It seems a silly thing to fret about, really. But there it is. That's what all the quiet is about. If you're reading and you know the cure, by all means, I'm open to suggestions. I don't want to quit, just running on empty in this department.


Lacey said...

ah sunny. i think i feel like this every other day. What occurs to me is that my life is of very little interest to anyone compared to me. But, because it's fun to have a reference and because it gives me a place to record, and because I (sometimes) am only doing it for my own (and family's) benefit, I plug on. let them watch if they like...but when I really can't get inspired--i follow someone else's inspiration with the WIP: Wednesday's, or Silent Fridays, etc. sometimes that's all it takes to reboot. and ultimately, it's MUCH more important that your life is blogworthy--not your blog. hm. i think that's my new motto. gonna end this--the longest comment I've ever shared--now. :)

hisdogness said...

Inspriration is a God-breathed thing. I know from being with you just this past year that you have had many moments of awe and praise. Though these things may not have a cooresponding photo for your blog, they are archived in you and in keeping with "Do all things as unto the Lord" you have done plenty of blogging to Him. I believe that times of transistion and creative quiet are times He is showing us that He is the absolute "Fill All". Trust God with your rut no matter how long it lasts and most asuredly He will turn it into an oasis of blooming, making, baking,and blogging in the proper time. You have emptied yourself for your sweet family as of late. Being on the outside, it is far more inspiring to others than anything else I could think of. Wondering what could possibly be left is an excellent place to be. In that place, you are better prepared to accept whatever mind blowing answer God gives that question. Empty vessels are the ones that get filled first! I love you! PS...cut a bunch of little strips of paper, on each piece write a word on one side stating how you feel, and on the other side write a single word of truth or praise about who you are in Christ. Then stick them in an envelope and mail them to me!

Garnet Goldman said...

Sunny, I just posted from Kim's account...I'm sure you have figured that out, but just to be sure...That was me, not hisdogness! Ha!

Sunny said...

Awwww.... thank you both! You're both so sweet and so wise. I'm totally blessed to know you and your families.

Maryl said...

I lost your blog when I got my new computer. I talk to you every day but still want to read your words. We see to communicate in snippets. Your friends have made true comments.

So, what were kale chips if not something creative and actually pretty enough to photograph?