Monday, October 24, 2011

Greetings from the desert


On the last day of our trip, our bodies still feel like they're clinging to Eastern time, up with sun as always. It's funny about trips, experiences, it takes awhile to process what has happened. I think with travel there is an inevitable shift in perspective. At least if you are prone to shifting perspectives, which I am. And it has been the kind of trip where we have relied on others to entertain us for the most part. And no doubt, our sense of being well cared for was confirmed. We are rich in wonderful people, and I just don't think there is a greater earthly wealth than that.
That seems to be about all I have to say lately, that we are blessed. Infinitely. I hope that some day we will be able to share that.
There are some big unknowns on the horizon. But for now, the fears are definitely overpowered by the excitement of having our family all under one roof for a little while.
I think the hush of the desert is an image I will find myself returning to as the chaos of relocation builds momentum in the coming weeks.

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Lacey said...

we're headed to Boston this week and I know I'm going to have to process it for weeks after--I have a hard time even believing it will really happen! I'm glad all is well with you--keep the updates coming!