Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pioneering On

So with that said... and B will be the first to attest to the fact that when I write something, it seems a hundred times more dramatic than living it... I can move forward. Things really are good. It's going to be OK.

Looking for the "so much to do" in the area, we found the fun and free Pioneer Museum in downtown Colorado Springs. I don't really know why it's not just a general Springs history museum because I don't actually remember much about pioneers unless you consider Indians (they're not Native Americans anymore, are they?) or people with tuberculosis pioneers. I don't.

But anyway- it was fun outing, and a pretty day.
I do really love old stuff, and they had lots of it! This disembodied head was designed to hold pig's eyes for training purposes. I wonder why they gave her such nice hair and a necklace?

My favorite thing was this poster. I want a copy of it, huge on the living room wall.

I think that we have decided to climb Pike's Peak as a family this summer. We may be nuts.
And I finished Bossypants. I most liked the stories about her father and her teenage years and being a mom. There was a lot about SNL and what felt like defending and explaining her actions... actions I was never even aware of, so that got a little old, but worth getting through to get to the good stuff. And that's the news in my highly elevated, rocky neck of the woods.

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Maryl said...

I had to control myself reading Bossypants on the beach in public. I remember laughing (truly LOL) so hard at her "period" story. I agree with you about the rest of the book. Kind of whiny about women and the glass ceiling.