Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten!

Our boy started kindergarten. So hard to believe that we have reached that point already. I did't cry, and of course, he did not, either. Putting him on the bus the second day was another story, though!

I know that he is more than ready to be a school kid, but seeing him so grown up and independent is a shock, no less. I know that my job is far from finished, but I know that a huge chunk of, dare I say- control- is gone. He's out swimming in a much bigger sea, so much more to see and do and hear than at home.  

I hope that we have prepared him in some way, I hope that I have made the most of those little years. My hope is that he proves, in all environments, to be the bright, funny and courageous little boy I know him to be.

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