Thursday, November 24, 2005

feeling a bit sheepish, as the point of this blog was to post a new image everyday, but my scanner is apparently on strike. something about a corrupt file, gr.
i love the night before thanksgiving. and christmas eve, too. and i love the night before easter. when i can i go to this catholic mass where they light a candle, and there are white lilies everywhere and a million lit candles. it smells great and it's so pretty. probably not what you're supposed to value most at church... but i will take what i can get.
there's something so calm and warm and hopeful about the night before. we get these holidays every year. we probably see the same people and talk about the same things and dread the same conversations, every year. thankfully, the rigor of my adult life has not allowed much in the way of routine. there is a steady wane of my once plentiful batch of granparents. so every year... there is a little less. married life has further divided the visits, not to mention the geographic complications. so this year, since i am at the mercy of retail, we are staying home. in our 5 years, we have never attempted such a feat... we always manage some holiday trip or three. but, not this year.
i spent the day baking pies and talking on the phone (trying to figure out how my mom does that). and looking forward to tommorrow. but i know that tommorrow will come and go and all my hard work will be devoured and napped away. that's ok. but the joy, i think comes mostly right before. so i savor the calm-sweet eve of a thing.

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Mack Richardson said...

Never feel like you're taking the wrong things of value from church. Just take God as He comes to you.