Thursday, March 16, 2006

1. so. I've started to hate every single thing that I was writing. Starting to feel very juvenile and self-important.
2.The point was the pictures, but that proved to not be as simple as I had planned.
3. And many circumstances, big and small, seemed to take a sharp turn.
4. And I was very tired.
5. I was away at war. I sailed off into the distance to hear the quiet. My blaring chatter was weighing more and more. Blinding, suffocating, deafening idle chatter. White noise of my own stifled mind.
6. and it was terrifying to find out that actual people who look me in the eye have read, and continue to read. Not just my mom who loves everything, but peers. who am i to be heard.

the old songs start softly, the old smiles and voices, but there are new, also. and i'm not fighting any more- not fighting to stay aloof, not fighting to move on, not fighting to see the next new thing. this is what we have, this is where we are.

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