Friday, March 27, 2009

Helen Frankenthaler+onions

We need to send thank you notes for all the goodies Edward received for his birthday. So, I decided to take some inspiration from Helen Frankenthaler:

Turn on Guns N' Roses. Loud. Start with Patience, move on to Paradise City, then Sweet Child O' Mine, and so on. Turn 2 year old loose with watercolors, brushes, water and big paper. Let the colors fly (I'm not sure if GNR is part of Frankenthaler's process, but I'm betting there is some type of music involved)
Let dry for at least a week.

Use (or make) blank cards and envelopes, cut out viewfinder to fit onto cards.
Troll the large compositions using viewfinder to isolate smaller compositions.
Trace the inner window of viewfinder onto large painting as a cutting guide.

Cut out the small painting.

Glue "little" paintings to blank cards.
Write thank you notes... tomorrow.

PS- A couple of the onions have broken the surface! In less than 5 days. Amazing!


brad said...

Awesome cards! Brilliant! When can you guys come do some gardening here?

Maryl said...

Can't wait to see our card! I didn't even think about getting a thank you note from Edward -- but now I am counting on it.

Maryl said...

Also, ditto Brad on the gardening.

Nickolini said...

My boy has onion growin' in his blood!

Eralda LT said...

Wow! these are great and what a good idea. Edward is quite the little artist. :)

sarah said...

i'm so impressed with your creative home-made cards. (but did i expect anything less from sunny?...of course not) kinda makes me wish i had a kid so i could do this fun project with them!

Sunny said...

Before you know it Sarah- the paint will be flying :)