Thursday, March 12, 2009

I thought I was different.

But. I'm not.
Edward's birthday is Saturday. His Second Birthday. I cannot believe it! And we did nothing for his first birthday. We let him try a piece of my yummy going-away-party-cake from the gallery. He didn't like it. We got him some bath toys. Sharon got him some awesome keys made of real metal (incidentally, he plays with them even more now than he did a year ago- and the kiddos fight for them when he smuggles them in). So, this year, last Sunday, actually, I vowed to attempt a real birthday party. Low-key, but like, with a cake all his own and everything. Then I decided we would do lunch, too. And it was going to be all homespun and organic. Remember, I decided 6 days before birthday to have a party. Where is my mind? Oh yeah... trying to keep my so-close-to-2-he-can-taste-it-year-old-alive!
In a rare moment of clarity, I decided to scratch the grill-out (Amish chicken and uncured hot dogs) for Costco pizza. But, there would be extensive fruit and veggies and Amy's cheddar Bunnies. But, even that has dissolved into (organic!) salsa and (not-organic) chips, red pepper hummus and pita chips. And, I can't even believe this happened. Seriously. Aliens have invaded my body: I bought 6lb bag of GummyBears. 6 pounds!!! And Edward was hugging that bag like it was his new best friend.
The plot thickens: Gummy Bears are a choking hazard. My justification was their rainbow-i-ness (the party is fairly theme-less- just a lot of colors and balloons- the rainbow minus indigo and violet, really). So anyway, After I hoist this beasty bag of gummies into my car, I start thinking, hmmm... these might be easy to choke on. Sure enough. Though some sources say they are fine for children over two, and E is a good chewer with a truly spectacular gag reflex, so I think I will let him indulge under close supervision.
So, menu: chips and salsa (=corn+tomatoes+peppers), pita chips and red pepper hummus (= red peppers and garbanzo beans), pre-made pizza, and Gummy Bears, chocolate cake and vanilla bean ice cream? I'm only a little ashamed. It's safe and it's easy. Who could ask for more?
And speaking of safe, the birthday boy took a nasty tumble from dining room chair, banged up his nose, and it has swollen to twice it's normal size, with a nice crust of bloodsnot that he will NOT let me remove. B and I freaked out and jumped to the conclusion that he broke his nose, but upon internet research, found that it is virtually impossible for a toddler to break their nose. Man, God knows kids! Thank you for that. However, it might be likely that he will have two black eyes for his party. Frankly, I could not think of anything more Edward appropriate.
PS- that's a picture of Jell-O, just thought it looked nice in that bowl in that light. E was supposed to eat it, but he is apparently a freak in the world of kids and does not like Jell-O. He took the (s)marshmallow option.
PPS- for the artsyfolk- this site is rocking my world today

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natalie said...

I hate jello too edward.