Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's official, Edward turned 2 today. We had the cake and candles and balloons and friends and family and presents to prove it!
I really wanted to weasel out of this for some reason. I love the idea of parties, I love planning parties, I love shopping for parties, I kind of even like cleaning up for parties. But actually being present at a party, there's the struggle. It's like that dream of walking through the halls of your high school- naked. Clearly I'm over-thinking it. But when there is such domestic brilliance here and here and's hard to compete. And it is a competition right? Therein lies the problem (and these ladies are blog rockstars, who, oh who, am I competing with?). I'm not addicted to much- coffee and magazines, and maybe just maybe the internet, but the internet because that is where all of "my" blogs reside. The places where I spend so much time fueling up and getting inspired that I have little time left for actually doing and making.
Anyway, the words of my husband smacked with uninvited truth- "we're not doing this for a magazine, no one cares if you don't make coordinating fabric stickers for the goody bags." Oh. This if for Edward? Not for me?
And, not to toot our own horn, but it turned out pretty darn sweet. The lighting and yellow walls did not do the pictures any favors, but Edward had a great time. His best friends made it, he got to blow out his candles and bury his face in his own little cake. And now... he's sleeping it off way past naptime.
Time to wake him up and drag him to Ikea to gather supplies for my next class project!


Maryl said...

It was a delightful afternoon. Edward seemed to understand that he was the star. So many smiles that said he loved the attention. Too bad we can't let our feelings be know so openly!

Sunny said...

I agree! Thank you for making it such a special day for our family!

brad said...

I'd put that top picture in a magazine for sure.

But, you're right, thanks for reminding us of that lesson.

Eralda LT said...

Happy birthday to Edward! I love the decorations, too. I bet it was such a fun time.