Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Thank goodness! for the interludes of sunshine.
And for the long awaited checking out of the garden- my how it has grown! We spent a good part of the morning moving some earth, discovering many a happy earthworm, discussing the importance of worm and cow (or horse) poop in the garden. And the proper nomenclature for said poop. Always fun to know a lot of words for poop, right?
I love so much that they love so much keeping track of the growth in the field journals. Collin drew an awesome picture of the garden, complete with roots, but then Edward drew a "cloud" right in the middle of it.

And Iliana is still drawing her manatees.

Ahhh.... coffee, new book and lists! Happy girl!

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my sewing machine is coming out of hiding... soon... someday... this summer? soon....