Thursday, April 23, 2009


I’m cheating. I didn’t really write this yesterday. I wrote it today.  Yesterday- my first whole and (relatively) healthy day with kiddos and it was jampacked with mad preschool excitement

I have been collecting/hoarding/stockpiling art supplies for many months now. But finally, I sorted and edited and made a bit of sense. Seems like we have tons of stuff, but never everything for a single project. So- I divided into the do-lot and do-little boxes

If you’re into preschool craft-time, read on. And if not… The Whitest Kids U Know have some pretty hilarious videos on YouTube. But, then I just let you in on how insanely crass and immature my sense of humor is. Really, they’re in bad taste. Be warned.


So anyway- for us- the “do-lot” standbys are:
tempera paint (blue, yellow, red+white)
paintbrushes, foam brushes, container lids for palettes and little plastic cups for cleaning paintbrushes
modeling clay (the funny smelling colorful kind)
Magic Clay (real from the banks of a river clay, except you pay way too much for it at Michaels)
vinyl tablecloth+smocks


And the do-little, as in, projects that I want to do, but we haven’t tried yet because they are extra messy/ complicated or still need other stuff to make the project waycooler:
foam stickers
pipe cleaners
glue, glue sticks
bits and scraps of fabric, ribbon, trims
googley eyes
coffee filters
egg cartons
tp tubes
oatmeal canisters
washable inkpads
clear contact paper
paper plates


I’ve been thinking a lot about making those sewing cards, but haven’t gotten around to it yet- BUT, I did find an abundance of pipe cleaners in the stash, so I took a piece of thin cardboard (from a cereal box) and poked holes in it, and gave the kiddos pipe cleaners to poke through the holes. I really like pipe cleaners. I saw a similar idea somewhere, I think it was indexed as a sculpture project. But it was fun. It was short lived fun, but they enjoyed it, and it took 30 seconds to prepare for- and no clean up. I do think that early 2 might be too young for pipe cleaners, Edward kept stabbing himself with wire exposed ends.

In addition to squiggly wiry furry leg pictures, we also blew bubbles, played in the sanbox (a lot), modelling clay sculptures, watercolor in field journals, planted more lettuce and bush peas, dug in the garden and made ant and worm houses (?), played tag….

so sleepy…


sarah said...

dang...i wish that we lived close enough that my kids could go to your preschool someday!

Sunny said...

Me too!