Friday, April 24, 2009

I did not think it could be done, I was afraid to try. But we did it. All three kiddos and I went out and did something.

Getting them in the car in the first place is no small feat. But my teeny little car somehow found enough backseat to accommodate three car seats!
The something was a small start- the closest park I know of. I thought/hoped there would be a playground, but there was not, just a nice walking trail around a lake and a little picnic area. The kids were all, "Can we go to a fun park after this?" Doh.

I tried to get them psyched about some redwinged blackbirds. But it's hard to compare the excitement of a black bird with a red band on its wing to a bunch of swings and slides and bridges and bars and sand and other kids. If I have learned anything from the babysitting preschoolers experience it is research, have a plan, stick to it, do a trial run (without kids), breathe, it's washable, it's about the experience...
these principals could probably come in handy in most facets of life.

Also, probably shouldn't say, "Hey, do you guys like McDonald's hot fudge sundaes?" before looking at the clock and realizing it's 1 PM and there are at least 30 cars at the drive-thru and the kiddie play area inside is jam packed. And so you decide to go to The Cone without realizing they have those funny little mechanical grocery store rides and the kids want ice cream on cones even though you know their licking skills are nowhere near competent enough to keep the ice cream from melting all over them. And really, once they've had two licks all they really want is a ride on the vibrating ice cream truck. So you get some cups and spoons, but the novelty has completely worn off and you throw away a lot of very bright orange ice cream. And everyone wants to wash their hands in the water fountain. So you let them, because you love clean hands.
And then, and then, the rides. They are fine, they are cute even. I wonder if they would kick us out if we just went and rode the rides- or what kind of dirty looks I would get if I just order 1 cup of ice cream and 3 empty cones and rode rides for a roll of quarters worth of time? hmmmm...
But- what made it totally worth it was that all 3 of them- and this has NEVER happened- took a two hour nap.
Oh. Wow.
It's a little bit like the thing dreams are made of.

And they all woke up happy.

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