Thursday, April 16, 2009

A last-minute dinner at mom's ended with a perfect blackberry cobbler and a walk to the playground.

And these lilacs! Life without lilacs was, I think, my biggest complaint about living in the South. It's hard for me to imagine a more perfect scent... except maybe for the top of Edward's sweet little head. mmmmm....


Maryl said...

I regularly used an Avon lilac scented cream in my early years. I liked to smell myself.
You have to keep up your blog while I am in CA -- especially pix of what you are doing with the kids.

Sunny said...

I wonder if they still make it? My grandma used to always have a bottle of muguet du bois (lily of the valley) lotion on her dresser, I would always sneak in and use some. Such a luxury!
Will definitely keep up to date while you are away. I've been struggling to post because I've only had one day with the kiddos in the last week and a half! And between the weather and Collin's puniness, we just didn't have a lot to report.
I've been making lists and gathering supplies for fun activities this week. Now we just have to pray for good health and a little sunshine!