Saturday, April 18, 2009

Check: New laptop(!!!) We did it really quick before I had a chance to talk myself out of it. Again. (Thanks B!)

Listen: Innocence Mission (Thank you for all the Beautiful B+E)

Reading: Almost finished with Life of Pi... really is worth trudging through the first few chapters. I mean, how does one end up on a life boat with a Bengal tiger? I had to know.
Next on the list:
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
And Blue Boy, of course

New blog to love: Whip Up

Planning kiddo fun:
Tissue Paper Painting
Pipe Cleaner Sculpting
Collages/ Found Object Sculptures
Pudding Painting
Salt dough
Homemade pretzels
Lentil Soup
Blanket cave + reading day
Set up store (zoo, restaurant)
Bean bag letter toss
Plant bush peas
Weed garden, pull a couple of onions
Observations in field journals
Sewing Cards

Read Aloud:
One Fish, Two Fish
Fox in Socks
Where the Wild Things Are
Curious George books
Little Pea
and more from the stash I scored at a church rummage sale today

Park- picnic+scavenger hunt at VOA park
Pet Store+UDF for ice cream
Fitton Center Gallery
Fairfield Community Arts Center+Village Green (and maybe the library if I'm feeling very brave)
Gilmore Pond... looking for water birds

And now I must:
Clean out+vacuum my car
Make field bags
Gather/buy field bag supplies
Rest up- busy days ahead!


Eralda LT said...

Yay for new laptop. Life of PI is on my summer list :) and I am so glad the Foer tale is up next.

Send some creative energy this way. I am all dried up.

Jordan said...

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is fanstastic.