Sunday, April 19, 2009

When I came back here (to besprent), I vowed to keep it light. But. The past couple of weeks have pushed me into a kind of searching mode that I wasn't really expecting. Maybe it is because we are smack in the middle of the 2 year commitment we made when we moved to the 'nati. Or maybe it is other things.
Here I am. And here I wish I wanted to be. I've made so little effort to make a life in this town. And now it has caught up with me. So I will try.
In an effort to appreciate the here and the now, I (I say I because I am trying to appreciate, but Brady and Edward were gracious enough to accompany me) went to one of my favorite places in the city- the Cincinnati Art Museum. And it truly was a healing balm on my ragged outlook.
We skipped the Surrealism show, but I'm pretty sure we will catch it before it leaves town. We vowed to visit more often. E was a champ and the collection never ceases to amaze.
Next week- the butterfly show at the Krohn Conservatory.
And the weekend after that, the annual library book sale.
And then, the trip!!!
But, maybe a big part of the problem was so hard-hittingly stated in the blog of the teaching pastor at the church that we would attend if we would attend church:

It's made me realize that I have spent most of my adult life not committing to systems because I see the flaws in them. That generally doesn't really work for me. I end up alone and frustrated. When it comes to being more disciplined it probably starts with submission. Seems like you can't be a disciple until you submit.

And how those words resonate. So, if you pray, then please add me to your list. Thanks.


Bryan Tarpley said...


i'll pray for you. and maybe, if you find the time, you could pray for me? i've been having trouble submitting to systems of any kind lately as well.


Sunny said...

Most definitely I will.