Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Before and After

I love Before+Afters. I love makeovers. I love major transformation. In someone else's world.
In my own. They are just embarrassing.
Take this corner of our studio/dining room for example.
Last spring my monstrous scrap collection was relegated to the basement. And in late July we stopped denying the unmistakable smell of mildew wafting up the steps.
Thankfully the piles of fabric were salvageable after a few trips through the washing machine. But they had to find a new home. And for 2 weeks they just sat in the corner, a giant pile of clutter that seemed to attract even more clutter.
Only a trip to Ikea (for storage boxes, we managed to score the actual shelf in the scratch+dent last year) would cure this disarray.
So it's not the Expedit of my dreams, but it is one step closer. And I might actually let someone besides Brady and Edward in the house now.
Sorry about the pictures- the lighting in that room is less than awesome.

And for a little Expedit inspiration:

from Yvestown

from Chez Larsson


Maryl said...

Really? That's your "after?" Amazing. Congratulations.

brad said...

nice job! looks great!

Gremlina said...

inspiring. I'm going through a similar pile right now.

Sunny said...

Thanks guys :) Now, for the rest of the house!

Alia Joy said...

I seriously have unhealthy fantasies about Ikea and organization furniture and accessories and yet my house is pretty much always a before. Sigh. I may need to get some of those shelves... ;)