Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Birthday Seal is Broken

I have this terrible habit of extending my birthday. A lot.
It stems from the chaos- rarely does a special day fall on at the appropriate time. Inevitably, we have to work late, get sick, get extra-broke... something. And birthdays and anniversaries are postponed- days, weeks, months...
So. Just in cases, I have started buying myself presents in advance. My birthday is more than a month away, and already, I have purchased:

Mad Men Season 2 (Peggy is my favorite. No question. If I took one of those "Which Mad Man Are You" quizzes, I am sure I would be Peggy. And if I wasn't, then something would be very faulty. There's no point. If I were a Mad (wo)Man... I would be Peggy)

This long awaited book from my 2nd favorite blogger and first favorite craft+family book writer.

And next on the list:

these shoes (Jackie had them first. but she is far away. I think the thousand+ miles makes them fair game)

or maybe these- can't decide

this planner
that i have loved for years now. it appears to be sold out, but I'm going to check my local anthro, they might have one held out for me.

if they don't have it- I love her stuff, too

and also, b is taking me here, to see these beautiful people. Maybe doesn't fall under birthday, just a rare date- but We. even. have. a. babysitter(s)!!! It's as if we are real, grown up parents that go out on dates. Weird.

And the one condition that I would endure one more Ohio Winter was a new coat. A beautiful and expensive new coat. I love this one supermost. Now I just have to wait it out until they have another 30% off sale. Come on Johnnie Boden, catch my esps...

(But this one doesn't count, it's just on the list)
Which fabulous things do you want most right now?


Anonymous said...

that coat? LOVE IT! You need that coat. It IS your coat! "Sunny's Coat". period.

Happiest of earliest of birthday dreaming to you! I seem to be doing the same thing.... (see fb post re: amazon wish list :) )

(but a date!? with real live other people as babysitters!? really!!??? how does THAT work!? wow... go you!)

Miggy said... I think we might be friends. Not like we used to be friends, but like maybe we'd be good future friends. I just moved to Cincy and came across your blog and hoo-wee do we have a lot in common {music, books, the Bauhaus, motherhood, etsy}. Anywho, so maybe we could be blogging buddies...and if that pans out {and if this comment hasn't freaked you out} maybe we could hang out sometime. Yay! I like fun. But no pressure....

Eralda LT said...

Love the peggy dress, the coat, the planner...but I am most jealous of the OTR show! We watched them in May (I think) when they came to Houston and I LOVED it. They are SO good! Happy early birthday :)

Nickolini said...

We were thinking about going to that OTR show....but our babsitters will be out of town. We've seen them at Moonlite Gardens a couple of times. It is an amazing venue for them. You'll love it.

Miggy said...

Hi. Me again....

OK so we were planning on going to the farm yesterday, but changed plans last minute. That would have been the Twilight Zone if we had somehow met there. Crazy.

I don't live exactly where you think I live, but close. We go there all the time. In fact I'll probably try to head to the farmers market today.

And when my husband was reading through your blog--the thing about stopping by Anthro for something they don't have online anymore--he was like "That is SO you." Double weird.

So seriously, let's talk old is your little one?

Sunny said...

Yep- I'm most excited about the concert date (and first time with a babysitter that comes to our house- thank you little brother for getting a sweet girlfriend who likes to babysit!)
Miggy- Edward will be two and a half this month. If you go to my profile, click on email me and we will figure it out. yay!