Monday, August 03, 2009

Change in the Air

Is it the rapidly approaching 3 century mark (how did this happen???)? Am I starting to come to terms with my mortality? Am I losing patience with the possibilities? Or just ready to face the truth about me, myself... my life, my aspirations? What is this strange ruthlessness? This editing? This letting go?
I do not know.
But a weight has been lifted. Physically (the house is sighing, Brady can breathe a little easier), but more, mentally/emotionally. For the first time I can remember- I am detached to almost all of this stuff. I don't feel a great obligation to hang onto things because of who gave them to me, what they meant at the time, what they might be used for in the future, what dreams they symbolize, what aspect of me they embody, what possibility they hold, who I meet in the future that might need this...
the list goes on. and on and onnnnnnn....
Throwing the list away.
And we put all the goofy stuff "that might be worth something someday" on ebay. We're digging ourselves out of this. And it feels really, really good.
We're liquidating. We're paying up, we're saving up, we're insuring and planning. These old fashioned things, they seem so radical right now. These small steps toward taking responsibility and cleaning things up- it's strangely (ironically?) liberating.
If you need inspiration for decluttering, there is a good article at Simple, Green, Frugal Co-op here..
And, OK. If you come over and the house doesn't look as spartan as you might imagine, or if, maybe it still seems a little on the "where on earth did you get all of this stuff and why in the world did you bring it home with you?" side... just know. This is a work in progress. As are we all.


Maryl said...

I have loved following the coalesence of Sunny for all these years. It's never boring.

Eralda LT said...

So inspiring! I usually rely on moving to declutter, but it is never too late to start, I guess.

Sunny said...

Never boring indeed! Maybe some day we will be normal :) Eralda- me too! I cannot even imagine how much stuff we would have if we didn't move so often!