Saturday, August 01, 2009

Top Secret Dinner Talk

You know. I'd like to say I'm not a name brand person. But the truth is, I respect a good brand. And sometimes I buy it, if I really think it's worth its claim. But mostly, I spend a lot of time and heartache trying to cheat the system. And I buy the thing that kind of looks like it. Or sounds like it. Often, I am left with one of those head slapping moments- Ohhhhh OK, there is a difference. I get it (as in: man, I would love to have a laptop. I really get macs, but I have a PC budget. Ohhhhh... OK. There IS a difference- the sort of lull in blogging- the one that has lasted 2 months- has had much to do with me trying to work this crazy Microsoft machine. eeeek. grrrrr.... )
All this to tell you: you want some nice polenta in a tube- the kind you cut in slices and brown in a skillet real quick-like? Hit the cheese fridge- by the cream cheese- buy some Jaxon's cornmeal mush. OMGosh. It's the same as the polenta in the organic fridge section. For $1.09!!! and it's good. Especially with some chopped herbs. And. If you are here- or if there offers Silverbrite salmon for $2.99/lb. Just buy it. Yes- it has less oil. It's a little thinner. But Once you roast it at 400F for 10ish minutes after rubbing a little olive oil and salt and pepper on it- it tastes realllllly good, You will like it. And it's wild caught and Alaskan- so it's pretty sustainable-ish. I mean. I guess people in OH shouldn't really be eating salmon if they want to be local/sustainable/organic. But my husband needs it to fight his clearly confused cholesterol. My son is growing a brain- more omega-3s please. And I just really like salmon. So.
Just saying. If it's on sale for a wow! what is wrong with that salmon it's so cheap price. Buy it.
And the green beans? The lady selling the almost comically overpriced spice blends was apparently just trying to get rid of her 1/2 runner beans for $1.50 a brown lunchbag full. Just throw them in the steam basket for 8ish of the 10 minutes the salmon roasts and the polenta fries. Shock and toss with pesto. This meal could not possibly have added up to more than $5. And there were leftovers. Sometimes, cheating the system is not always a bunch of headslapping. Hah. I win this round.

and alsos- thank you Jackie and Ryan for the yummy citrusy Drifter IPA. It was perfect for this savvy/cheapskate dinner.

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