Wednesday, September 30, 2009

...and counting

Just a half an hour before I enter into "my thirties" I have to say... Lord willing, I think it's going to be a good decade. No doubt, my twenties have been exciting. Although, I feel we have been at the mercy of opportunity to an exhausting degree. I have spent a lot of time believing I have needed to make some sort of name for myself (doing what???), I have too long felt divided in so many ways. There have been some detectable shifts.
Quite suddenly, there is this deep-in-my-gut realization that I am simply a part of a greater thing. I have a lot to offer in perhaps many small ways.
Back to my alarmingly attractive husband indulging me in some much needed uninterrupted conversation.
Oh... and I got the blue-green sneakers. They're perfect.


D R E W said...

happy birthday! i turn 35 in 8 days. my 30s have been awesome and all my friends in their 30s agree. a lot more confidence combined with maturity makes it a great decade!

sleep deprived mommy said...

Happy Birthday!
"more confidence and maturity" ? hmmm...well, maybe it's just the fact we really don't care anymore what people think of us!

Enjoy your day!

Eralda LT said...

Happy birthday! I hope it's fabulous!

The Little Brenner Family said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

Nickolini said...

Happy's not so bad. And tell Brady I think he's "alarmingly attractive" also.

Sunny said...

Thank you!
Nick- I will pass that along :)

Anonymous said...

I wish blogs had a "like" button. :)