Friday, September 25, 2009

High Profile Collaging

Along with the tp tubes, I also have an ever-growing collection of little styrofoam trays. Thought they would make nice canvas+frames for some flamboyant collagerie.

Glob, smoosh and smear school glue onto tray.

Gather little pieces of tissue paper, feathers, bits of lace,snips of felt, etc...

Press bits into glue.


(We also sprinkled glitter onto them... but I liked them better pre-glitter)
I'm not sure about the hanging mechanism, but a whole collection of these would look neat displayed on a wall. Would have to buy a lot more clearance produce, though.


sleep deprived mommy said...

So now you've hooked me and I'm going to have to follow your blog. I haven't done anything with my blogger account yet...

I love these little dolls. So cute.

Oh... btw ... I'm your new CM friend. :-)

Sunny said...

Thank you! I am excited to see what you have in store at sleep deprived mommy :)