Monday, September 28, 2009

Maybe I should have opted for the nap

Who does not like Fall? Anyone out there? Am I the only one?
It must be the waning daylight, the shadows spreading to where I once saw sun. It makes me feel quiet, even a little removed.

(Here is where I initially published a bunch of whiny drivel about things not going my way.)

So... with all that cheer, let me recommend that you make this broccoli soup right away. I do not like broccoli soup. I do not like broccoli. I always had a warm place in my heart for George Bush Senior because of his open disdain for broccoli. But. This really, really low maintenance recipe has almost converted me to full-out broccoli love. Make it, and eat it. You will like it.
I also made this carrot soup, except I added a little bit of fresh ginger with the onion, and put in a tiny bit of orange zest at the end. I'm searching for the perfect carrot soup recipe- this isn't quite there, but it's getting closer.

I thought I took pictures (of the soups), but then again, I think I thought about it and thought, "I already have 200 pictures of soup simmering on my stove." So it is dandelions today.

(PS- don't worry, our marriage is good, we are healthy- I really have nothing to complain about. It's Fall. I promise to not get too introspective until Dec. 21st when they days start getting longer again)

Also! This list posted on Joe Boyd's blog (teaching pastor at VCC) is really something to behold.


sleep deprived mommy said...

I'm going to have to try that soup. I like broccoli... err...should I say, I tolerate broccoli and put on a happy face for my daughter. She actually LIKES broccoli. :-)

Maryl said...

I also LIKE broccoli, so I ought to be head-over-heals for this soup. And I now know what never to serve you.